Preparing for Reloaction

Important things to do before the Big Move

Logistic Items

  • Short-term
  • Air Travel 
  • Land Transportation 
  • Household goods 
  • Furniture Storage or Purchasing 
  • Vehicle Purchase 
  • Departure 
  • Spousal Recruitment 
  • Migration & Visa Assistance 
  • Cleaners 
  • Financial 
  • Insurance 
  • Movers
  • Be ruthless! Go through each room and decide what to get rid of.
  • Start planning a yard sale or contact your local charities Find out whether your employer is paying for any moving expenses. 
  • Contact moving companies for estimates and information Make an inventory of everything to be moved. 
  • Open a bank account in your new loca- tion and change currency if necessary. 
  • Cancel all newspapers and services at your previous location Contact a real estate agent in your new location so they can begin searching for your new home or rental property. 
  • Cancel or transfer mobile and telephone numbers Make sure your passport is valid. 
  • Collect everything you have loaned out and return everything you have borrowed. 
  • Start pulling together medical and dental records. 
  • Schedule disconnection of utilities at your old home and connection at your new one.
  • Make hotel and airline reservations if you need them Get children’s school records. 
  • Find a cleaning service that will do a final cleaning of your home. 
  • Transfer or close bank accounts at previous location. 
  • Remove all jewelry and other valuables to a safety deposit box or other safe place to prevent loss during the move.
  • Check into storage options for those items you cannot move immediately and may need to store temporarily. 
  • Make back-up copies of important files on your computer before packing it up Separate cartons and luggage you need for personal travel. 
  • Pack a special box with essentials you’ll need for the first few days (Make sure this box is marked ”Do not move”). 
  • If you have children or pets, arrange for someone to look after them during the move. 
  • Pack cleaning materials and tools separately Arrange for your mail to be forwarded. 
  • Make a final check of the entire house (basement, closets, shelves, every room).